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      Smoke-Check 烟雾探测器测试微球


      1. 详细信息

      根据US NFPA标准72的要求,这一完整的测试试剂盒可检测空气取样烟雾探测器的运送时间。





      烟雾探测器检测试剂盒内包括一个电池供电型的便携式超声雾化器,一个通风防护装置,以及一瓶10 mL微粒。



      Check transport time of air sampling smoke detectors as required by United States NFPA Standard 72 with Thermo Scientific™ Smoke-Check Smoke Detector Challenge Particles, especially useful in cleanrooms and other critical environments.


      A suspension of polystyrene particles in high purity water is nebulized using a handheld ultrasonic atomizer to mimic natural smoke, thereby eliminating residues caused by traditional oil-based sprays or real smoke.

      • Consistently triggers the smoke detector with optimized particle size and concentration
      • Will not pass through HEPA filters, ensuring the integrity of the cleanroom environment

      Smoke Detector Challenge Kit:

      Includes a battery-powered, portable ultrasonic nebulizer, a draft shield and a 10mL bottle of particles.

      Ordering Information:

      Additional bottles of Smoke-Check may be purchased separately.



      货号 描述 固体,% 规格
      SD-01 烟雾探测器测试微粒 5% 10ml
      SD-02 烟雾探测器测试盒(含超声雾化器,通风防护装置) 5%