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      ChromoSphere™ Dry Dyed Polymer Particles


      1. 详细信息

      Achieve high visual contrast with Thermo Scientific™ ChromoSphere™ Dry Dyed Particles, polymer particles that are internally and deeply dyed in intense red or black, resulting in very high contrast and visibility relative to most background materials. Available as dry powders that can be easily suspended in aqueous media, the product line consists of a large assortment of uniform, red or black particle sizes between 50μm and 500μm.


      Particles are available in nominal diameters ranging from 50μm to 500μm. The particles are made from cross-linked polystyrene divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) copolymer and should be stored at room temperature. They can be dispersed in aqueous media with the aid of a small amount of surfactant, or in lower alcohols such as methanol or ethanol. Minimal dye extraction will occur when the particles are suspended in pure alcohols. Other organic solvents, such as ethers or chlorinated hydrocarbons, should be avoided because they will swell the particles and completely extract the dye.


      Recommended for:

      Visualizing and inspection testing.




      货号 描述 规格
      BK050  染色微粒(黑色), 50µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      BK100  染色微粒(黑色), 100µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      BK150  染色微粒(黑色), 150µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      BK200  染色微粒(黑色), 200µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      BK300  染色微粒(黑色), 300µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      BK400  染色微粒(黑色), 400µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      BK500  染色微粒(黑色), 500µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      RD050  染色微粒(红色), 50µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      RD100  染色微粒(红色), 100µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      RD150  染色微粒(红色), 150µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      RD200  染色微粒(红色), 200µm,1g   1g/瓶 
      RD300  染色微粒(红色), 300µm 1G   1g/瓶 
      RD400  染色微粒(红色), 400µm 1G   1g/瓶 
      RD500  染色微粒(红色), 500µm 1G   1g/瓶