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    1. Cyto-Cal™ Count Control

    Cyto-Cal™ Count Control


    1. 详细信息

    Ensure an accurate count verified by analytical procedures with Thermo Scientific™ Cyto-Cal Count Control, which consists of fluorescent beads for absolute counting on flow cytometers. With its hydrophilic bead surface, the count control eliminates particle doublets and guarantees accurate count.


    • Uniform 7μm microspheres contain two encapsulated dyes
    • Single vial contains fluorescent beads that are precisely stained with fluorescent dyes that have optimized intensity and broad emission in multiple channels (FITC, PE, PE-Cy5)
    • Cyto-Cal 488 Alignment beads are excited by the 488nm spectral line of the argon laser and have broad emission, allowing them to be used to align the FL1 (FITC), FL2 (PE) and FL3 (PE-Cy5) channels simultaneously
    • Cyto-Cal 633 Alignment beads are optimally excited with the 633nm He-Ne laser (635nm diode laser) and have a maximum emission at 700 nm. They are designed to align the FL4 (APC) channel

    Recommended for:

    Liquid particle counting and sizing calibration. Product can assist in USP <788> and <789> interim verification.


    Differences in Beads for Flow Cytometry QC and Quantitation

    Fluorescent Polymer Microsphere Suspension or Dyed Polymer Microsphere Suspension



    7μm; 1 x 106 particles/mL; 10mL

    添加剂 0.05% Tween-20 Dispersant/Surfactant with 2 mM Sodium Azide preservative
    组成 Polystyrene microspheres containing encapsulated dyes
    目录 Dyed polymer microspheres in water
    描述 7μm; 1 x 106 particles/mL; 10mL
    染料类型 Firefli Fluorescent Green (488/510nm) and Red (570/600nm)
    包括 Insert Sheet with Count Data
    粒子密度 1.05g/cm³
    稳定性 Stable for a minimum of 12 months
    储存要求 Unless otherwise stated, refrigerate (2° to 8°C) product when not in use but do not freeze. Store upright and keep bottle tightly sealed. Mix product with gentle inversion by hand or vortex mixer.
    容积(公制) 10mL
    填充容积 10mL
    粒径(公制) 7µm
    均一性(Uniformity) <3%